Controlling The Human Element In Your Office’s Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in your office has two primary elements, the human and the technical. The technical is, of course, best left to the IT and computer experts. However, the human element applies to everyone who works in your office or business. Unclear security procedures lead to human error or confusion which increases the likelihood and severity of a cyber-attack. Even the most technical and sophisticated IT security systems can be undone by simple human unawareness and or misjudgment. Read More 

Training To Start A Career Working On Pipeline Construction Projects

Pipeline design, construction, and maintenance can be a major source of employment. In addition to providing many jobs, this work can also pay fairly well. Not surprisingly, there are many individuals that will want to make the switch to this particular career. However, they may not understand the benefits of using an online pipeline construction training program in order to learn the necessary skills. Gain The Skills For A Rewarding New Career Read More